A watched pot...

A few times a week I check the local online fishing report. It's not that I'm overly concerned if the crappie are mostly staying under submerged logs or whether to use crankbaits for the Bass, but rather what the current water temperature is.

You see, I hate cold weather. And as soon Christmas gets in the rear view, I begin my obsessive tracking of time.  Looking for any signs that warmer weather is on the return. 

If I were to be honest, I probably think about it far too much. I calculate days left that I will likely still be wearing my semi-drysuit, when I will switch back to my neoprene and eventually back to light clothing. Or when  I can stop looking at weather.com to determine if I will be inside on the trainer or how much base layer to pack in my car.

 I dream about jumping out of the boat after hard efforts to cool off in the water. Buoyant in my PFD, I have a tendency on hot days to prop my feet up in the cockpit of my ski and lay in the water with my arms outstretched soaking up the sun while simultaneously cooled by the water.

This Winter has been particular edgy, as I've committed myself to continue paddling the skinniest ski I have in an attempt to improve my balance. So falling in has remained an ever present spectre. Also, thanks to El Nino, we've had a seemingly endless supply of torrential rains, keeping the river flowing at an extremely high rate; ratcheting up the possibility of taking an ice bath.

Thankfully, my sentence is coming to a close and I will soon be out on parole.  March is generally the tipping point between the two seasons.  The twilight signaling the seasonal shift change. The time change is a mere week and a half away and Spring only another week or so beyond.

But the real reason to celebrate came when I looked at my fishing report.  There it was: water temperature 46 degrees. That's one degree higher than last week.  It's finally moving in the right direction.

Almost. There...


"Chickamauga Reservoir:

Reservoir Conditions: Summer normal elevation: 682.0 feet.  Winter normal elevation: 676.0 feet.  Current elevation: 678.2 feet. The water surface temperature is 46 degrees."