That's A Wrap

My social media feed goes a bit bananas after Chattajack.  I think there’s a bit of decompressing needed after such an ordeal. Thirty-one (+) miles has a way of doing that to you.  It’s sure not to leave you the way it found you.


Nevertheless, the sheer volume of Chattajack traffic is impressive and makes for interesting reading.  As such, I personally would like to see a Chattajack category added for best hand blistering  ( I had eight on one hand).  

Kata Dismukes with a strong entry in the best blistering category


But for me, it signifies the unofficial end of the year for racing; the final stop on the pub crawl and a time to reflect on lessons learned, good times, bad times and plans for the future.


It also marks one year since Surfski News debuted.


Surfski News was created for only one reason; to help promote the sport and lifestyle. Although the ski is without question gaining momentum here in the States, it still has a long way to go before achieving true commercial status.

Not quite there yet...

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, but having more people to share the love with does seem like  a good idea.

Sean Rice Displays Masterful Bowling Technique


The sport is rife with altruistic good stewards who keep it buoyant. It’s easy to get an audience with some of the best paddlers in the world.  You’ll almost always find them to be friendly, approachable and willing to engage helpfully. Fellow competitors are ready to lend a hand, even helping rivals.  Beer and good times flow freely. Traveling out of town? You’ll always have a place to stay and a table to sit at. Traveling to the ocean for your first downwinder? You’ll have no shortage of more experienced paddlers ready to take you out and have your back.


And that’s what makes the tribe special.


So with this in mind, Thank you to all of those that have helped push things along. Since starting this website I quickly discovered how amazingly time consuming it can be.  In fairness, I was warned before I got started, but I really had no idea how much would go into the process. This will become even more complicated as I have taken on another project and will be compromised further.


The idea was to have the site open to anyone.  Any paddler can post whatever they like: product reviews, race reports, blurbs on good/bad days---anything.


So to those that have helped by either agreeing to allow photos and media to be posted,  submitting written material or even just helping to promote---Thank You!

They say it’s always five o’clock somewhere.  In this case, it’s actually warmer somewhere. A place where paddlers are starting to come out of hibernation rather than preparing to enter.  

The air down there

Hopefully, the Southern Hemisphere will give us some good fodder in our colder days to build up for the return of summer stateside.  

Until then, see you at the races in 2017!