6 hours 41 minutes--SOLD OUT!


Chattajack has sold out in six hours and forty-one minutes, making the 2019 edition the third year in a row the race has sold out within 24 hours.

This unofficially places the event as one of, if not the most popular and fastest selling paddling race in the world, with current registration sitting capped at 651 participants.

The Tennessee river race has achieved meteoric success since its’ inception in 2012, when it fielded a total of 37 racers.

2019 may prove to be interesting, with the absence of former winners Erik Borgnes and Eric Mims and top-finishers Flavio Costa and Greg Lesher (in double) opening new podium possibilities.

The Womens division appears to be the one to watch this year, including a rematch of the nail-biter between Kata Dismukes and Pam Boteler, along with several other top female paddlers in the most stacked XX Chromosoned field seen yet in Chattajack history, including:

  • Elaine Harold-- 2018 Second Place Surfski

  • Hollie Hall--2018 Kayak First PLace

  • Myrlene Marsa--Kayak Record Holder and multi-podium surfski/kayak

  • Mary Beth Gangloff--Multi Surfski New England series winner.

  • Lisa Malick--Perennial fast Floridian

  • Sally Wallick--Top Ranked Canadian paddler.  

In the men’s field several notable names have signed on for the torturous marathon with former top double finisher Nate Humberston leading the charge, along with Canadian Greg Redmon, Think Kayak honch Darryl Remmler, Epic’s Bruce Poacher, Wesley Echols of SurfskiRacing.org and a host of former top challengers.