Off Season Workouts-Teneale Hatton

Here in the northern hemisphere, the cold weather for many signifies scaling back time on the water in favor of jacking iron in a heated gym.

So we checked in with current ICF World Surfski Champion, 1000 meter world record holder and general Valkyrie of the double blade-Teneale Hatton, to get her take on off season base training.  

SN: How do you train in your off-season?

TH: I guess I am pretty lucky as I am able to paddle all year round, but in my base phase I put more emphasis on strength and technique, so when I get into the big stuff on the water I am in good condition to handle the load. I always make core strength my primary focus - this is the starting point for overall strength and muscle control and is one of the most important if not the most important muscle group for paddling.

SN: What would your usual sessions look like?

TH: I usually do core 6 days a week in the off season. This is either done after a paddling or running session or to finish off a gym session. It only takes ten minutes but the benefits are worth it. I try to replicate the movements I do in my boat as well as controlling exercises such as prone holds and balancing exercises.

SN: What about weights?

TH: I try to keep my weights fairly simple, especially when trying to take the weight up. I don't do any funny twisting stuff with heavy weight that I wouldn't naturally do in my boat. Bench press, bench pull, chin ups, press ups, lat pull downs, tricep pulls and one arm rows are some of my favourites and make up most of my program for the year. I usually start off trying to build up base strength and endurance so lots of reps with light weight. This means you can do the movements with good control and technique while building up strength and endurance which also limits the likelihood of injuries. In my base phase I usually do about 3-4 solid weight sessions a week and 3 chin up sessions a week building up from 100-200 chin ups over the off season.