Blue Dream- Di Chiacchio

For as long  as I can remember, I've been like this...

In school, I was the kid that would blankly stare out the window, transcendentally travelling through the clouds.

Adulthood has changed nothing. A beautiful mountain is not a part of the landscape; it's a beckoning. Under a spell, I'm drawn to it's sights, sounds and signature.

My childhood backyard.

My childhood backyard.

I've always assumed everyone was like me.  But sadly, I've discovered that many are not.

In fairness, it seems like we all fall under a bit of a spectrum. Some hardly notice, while others observe and enjoy a manner of appreciation, still others take their desire to explore and experience to heightened levels. To them I'm sure I'd be viewed as a light-weight.

 Water has been a consistent magnetizing draw throughout my entire life.  From childhood creeks, to local rivers, lakes and the vast expanse of the ocean, I never seem to get satiated by the liquid life.

Far more than just being on the water, I'm more interested in the total experience. I want to free dive the crystal clear waters of the gulf, camp on a deserted island, paddle the barrier islands of the Georgia coast, strum a guitar on an empty beach, catch dinner with a net, surfski Millers Run, swim with Manatee and sail translucent south pacific Tongan waters.

  I've been fueled by and lived vicariously through others who have been articulate enough with media to capture and pass along wonderful ocean related experiences.  A few of these that have been particularly inspiring for me are attached below.  I'd like to think that it will reach some of those that don't see the "mountain" and inspire them to touch it on a different level. If not, it may at least resonate for someone staring out a window somewhere.