Braxton Carter


South Dakotan Braxton Carter began fishing off kayaks seven years ago.  After having a go at an area race in his fishing kayak, he decided to have another shot in a faster boat, this time in a 24 inch wide sea kayak.  

In the natural progression of those with competitive juices in full flow, he soon opted for pure speed and found his way to the surfski; a Stellar SES.  Remarkably, within a week and a half of buying the narrow, 16.5 inch wide SES, Carter used it in the 50 mile Fort to Field race-finishing the full course and only taking one swim!  

Braxton prefers long distance marathon racing and has competed in 32, 50, 72 and 340 mile long races. He realized he would need a more stable boat to compete in his preferred long distance events and has since switched to a Stellar SEI, a Fenn Mako XT and an Epic V7.


He is currently prepping for 2016 by logging miles with others in the nearby paddling community from the South Dakota Canoe and Kayak Association and at the Sioux Falls Whitewater Park. 

One of his primary goals for the coming year is to compete in a proper ocean race as well as continue to improve his standings at regional events.



Age: 27

Years Paddling: 7

Education: Business Administration and Automotive Technology

Employment: Insurance/Investments

Ultimate Paddling Destination: Tarifa Spain

Palmarès:  Dam and Back Challenge-Course Record

           MR340 finisher in first attempt