Blade Angle---Jesse Lishchuk


Blade angle: An important but often overlooked portion of the the paddle stroke is the direction of the blade at the entry and pull phase of the stroke. The wing paddle is designed to break the surface of the water at roughly a 60 degree angle. This angle is optimized with a slight reach originating from the finish and set-up after the opposite sides pull. With the proper angle and reach, the blade should enter the water “cleanly” and with very little feedback splash.

More importantly, a dirty entry will create bubbles and cavitation at the blade face. Once the blade is fully submerged, the face of the blade should pull outwards at again, approximately 60 degrees. This should follow the natural plane that the stroke pull will travel.

It’s important that the open face and curvature of the blade lines up with the path and does not veer off from the direction line. If the blade turns off the direction line, optimum power will be lost.

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