A World Record Attempt Delayed

Traci Lynn Martin, who is attempting to set a World Record for paddling 8600 miles in 265 days, suffered a setback on Monday when she had to be rescued from Lake Huron.  The conditions were cold and the lake full of ice.  Ms. Martin appears to have gotten off course as a result of a malfunctioning GPS, and consequently was still far from shore when she asked for a rescue.  She was cold and hypothermic when found, was treated at the scene, but declined further treatment.  She has suspended her attempt for two weeks, during which time she will travel home to Missouri to be with her sons.

Below is a video located on her Facebook page that give some ideas of the condition of the lake.

Ms. Martin who is 52 and an experienced expedition kayaker, is determined to kayak the full coastline of the Great Lakes.  Due to the length of the trip, she started in March, after a mild winter in Michigan, to ensure she would have sufficient time to complete the journey.  Unfortunately, recent cold weather has delayed spring longer than hoped for.

Her plans and more about her expedition can be found at here

Sources:  https://www.facebook.com/tracilynn.martin