Featured Race: Tocobaga Draft, April 1

The Inaugural Tocobaga Draft will run this coming Saturday, April 1, at Indian Rocks Beach in Florida.  This race was mirrored after a race on the West Coast called Richard "Dick" Ryder Race.

Teams of two racers will pair up to ride the wake/draft of a power boat escort 10 miles and will have a 1/4 mile sprint start and finish from the sandy shores of Indian Rocks Beach (bonus if there is a downwind leg in the Gulf on that day). The fastest team to the finish line at the beach will be crowned Chiefs of the Tocabaga Draft with runner ups through third. Teams are responsible for securing their own power boat and reimbursing the boat captain for gas and incidentals.  

The race will be limited to single surfskis and single OCs.  The race directors, Jason Malick and Lisa Malick, have secured some great sponsors and are hoping to make the race bigger next year.

Practicing for the Tocobaga Draft