Think Kayak Release Updated Line-Up For 2017

Think Kayak have released their 2017 line-up.  The current crop features a retooling of several models from intermediate through high-end ski range.



EVO--- The flagship of the Think line will be sporting a new svelte form for the upcoming year.  The volume has been lowered and cutaways at the paddle entry have been enhanced  to increase catch effectiveness.  Debrito closeable bailer replaces previous Venturi model. The hump in the cockpit has also seen a reduction.  


Ion---The Ion has witnessed a more dramatic departure.  Rocker has been dramatically reduced as well as chines. Creating a sleeker more stable looking version of it's former self. Other adjustments mirror the Evo, with cutaways at the catch, reduced hump, Debrito bailer and lowered volume.

Uno Max

Uno Max---Latest incarnation features a tweaked hull and rocker profile with a slightly widened bucket. Debrito bailer as well.   Hull modifications are aimed at increasing stability and wave performance. 

Little Sister

Uno---Low volume counterpart to the Max.