World Surfski Championship Standings 2016

With one title race left to go, Hank Mcgregor has been declared the World Surfski Series Champion, as it is mathematically impossible for him to lose the title with any result in the final race:  Perth Doctor

Hank Mcgregor

Hank Mcgregor

The women’s title, however, is up for grabs between six women.  The champion will be decided on November 26/27 with the completion of the Perth Doctor.

Impressive Women's Field at the Dragon Run

Impressive Women's Field at the Dragon Run

Top Ten Men’s Standings:

  1. Hank Mcgregor

  2. Cory Hill

  3. Dawid Mocke

  4. Matthew Bouman

  5. Jasper Mocke

  6. Kenneth Rice

  7. Barry Lewin

  8. Kyle Friedenstein

  9. Colin Simpkins

  10. Sean Rice

Top Ten Women’s Standings:

  1. Haley Nixon

  2. Jenna Ward

  3. Nikki Russell

  4. Angie Mouden

  5. Chloe Bunnett

  6. Wendy Reyntjes

  7. Teneale Hatton

  8. Rachel Clark

  9. Michele Eray

  10. Sara Rafael

Full information concerning points and standings in the World Surfski Series can be found here.