Chattajack: Borgnes Repeats--- Dismukes Continues Dynasty.

L-R: Handler, Borgnes and Kleynhans

The 2016 edition of the Chattajack race is in the books.  

Racers were greeted with challenging conditions, as river flow was abysmally low and strong headwinds buffeted paddlers throughout most of the 32 miles.

In spite of the difficulties, Erik Borgnes showed excellent form, finishing the grueling event 4:04.21, just over four minutes shy of last year's result.

 In his first Chattajack, Zach Handler took the second step of podium, in at 4:21.20.

Shane Kleynhans made a herculean effort to push into the third slot at 4:28.39.

Marsa, Dismukes and Doneva

In the women's division, Kata Dismukes continued her ownership of the top spot by finishing ahead of the pack at 4:45.00.

Myrlene Marsa followed in second at 5:26.23 with Mira Doneva rounding out the top three at 5:36.22.   

Full Results:


Pre-Race Gathering 

Joe Vinson, Hamilton Plaza, Carmen Molini

Jeff Slade, Tom Popp, Terry Smith, Ted Burnell

Mike Canfield

All good races feature a couch

Pre-Race Mileu