Molokai---Now We Know

McGregor, Rice, Mocke, Robinson, Hall.

Hank McGregor---Is still hungry and will kick your arse!

Cory Hill---If anyone had any doubts---you'd have to be living under a rock not to see that he is here and clear the top paddler out there today. In spite of a soul-crushing finale at China Wall, this guy is showing that his recent spate of wins have not been a fluke.  Scary fast!

Sean Rice---At the top always.  Still looking for the "W" at the channel. It's gonna happen. I'd bet on it.  

Joey Hall---Keep an eye out for him.  He just put a shot across the bow.  Looks like the real deal.

Elizabeth Pluimers---Also a name to remember.

Clint Robinson and Jasper Mocke---No question. In the mix as predicted.

China Wall---As if blindly paddling 32 miles across the Pacific on tippy torpedoes isn't enough, this race needs another antagonist. How about a boat crushing reef and clapotis inducing washing machine?  There ya go!

South Africa---Domination! Like the imperial empire except these Storm Troopers can actually hit targets. 

Oscar Chalupsky---Looked smooth out there, but not the coming out party he had hoped for. He's not done yet.  

Streaming Coverage---Not so much.  If you want to know who is where and what's happening, your best bet is to have a lot of friends in social media (read Facebook) and keep your fingers crossed for an update here and there. Check with Maraamu---they got it right.  

Mark Perrow---Photo Beata Cseke / Borys Markin

You didn't win-but in a way you did award.  After destroying his ski on "the Reef", Mark Perrow declared "game on" and spent a good bit of time swimming against the current after his damaged boat, only to remount the sinking craft and spend an hour paddling the last three km.