Canadian Surfski Championships 2016

Under stunning grey skies, and against a majestic mountain background, the Canadian Surfski Championships ran on Saturday, July 16.  Although there were some bumps, it was mostly a flat paddle for 21 kms.

Jasper Mocke was off the front at the start, but Sean Rice surged to take the Think Hotspot.  Teneale Hatton took the Hotspot for the women.

Race start -- Jasper Mocke out in front

Sean Rice takes the Think Hotspot

The race was dominated by all the boys from Fish Hoek with Dawid Mocke taking the win.  Jasper Mocke came in 2nd; Kenny Rice bested his older brother to take 3rd, Sean Rice took 4th, and Mackenzie Hynard rounded out the top five in 5th.  Senior Master Greg Barton took 7th overall.

Dawid Mocke for the Win!

In the women's field, Teneale Hatton took first, followed by Rachel Clarke in 2nd, and Tamlyn Bohm in 3rd.

Teneale Hatton

Rachel Clarke

Complete results can be found here.