The MAC Squad Makes Florida Landfall


Randall Taylor and the North Florida Watermen may be bringing a bit of an advantage to the start lines next year.  The Florida league of distinguished gentlemen have enlisted the help of Masters World Champion and former South African Olympic Kayak coach Lee Mcgregor.

NFW with Honorary South African Export


On a recent trip to the states, Mcgregor, after travelling to compete at South Carolina’s North Shore Cup (and soundly trouncing the competition of fast men half his age), found himself stopping off in Jacksonville discussing all things paddling over coffee with Taylor.


It was during this conversation that Taylor was introduced to the “Mac Squad”,  which is essentially a group of paddlers (some very prominent) receiving coaching by Mcgregor. Although the group originated in South Africa, it has grown to include paddlers from all over the world.



The coaching will occur primarily through email and video, and will include some personalizing based on each member’s goals and time allotments.


Taylor received solid interest from the others in the paddling group and the merging began.


The already fast NFW intend to follow the coaching program as closely as possible as a form of an experiment, to see to what extent it will improve each paddlers performance.  


The cost is a ridiculously low $30 per month, making getting top-notch training affordable for anyone.


So if you have already invested time and money towards improving your fitness and/or performance, perhaps joining the MAC Squad may be just what you need to take it to the next level.