Sprint canoe/kayak medal event results from Tuesday, August 13

Women's K1, 200 meter:

The medal rounds ran Tuesday morning in the Women's K1, 200 meter race.  Lisa Carrington from New Zealand took the gold for the second Olympics in a row with a time of 39.86 seconds.  The silver was won by Marta Walczykiewicz from Poland with a time of 40.27 seconds.  Bronze went home with Inna Osypenko-Radomska from Azerbaijan with a time of 40.40 seconds.  The full results can be found here.

Women's K2, 500 meter:

Also on Tuesday, the finals in the Women's K2, 500 meter happened.  Hungary took home the gold medal with its team of Danuta Kozák and Gabriella Szabó and a time of 1:43.68.  The silver went to Germany and its team of Tina Dietz and Franziska Weber, with a time of 1:43.73.  The Polish team of Beata Mikołajczyk and Karolina Naja paddled their way to bronze with a time of 1:45.20.  The full results can be found here.

Men's K1, 1000 meter:

The Men’s K1, 1000 meter concluded with Marcus Waiz from Spain winning the gold with a time of 3:31.44.  Josef Dostál from the Czech Republic took home the silver with a time of 3:32.14.  The bronze went to Roman Anoshki from Russia with a time of 3:33.36. Complete results can be found here.

Men's C1, 1000 meters:

The final medal event for Tuesday was the Men’s C1, 1000m race.  The gold medal was won by Tomasz Kaczor of Poland with a time of 3:59.35.  Silver went to Adrien Bart of France who completed the race in 4:00.91.  Vincent Frakas of Slovakia went home with the bronze and a time of 4:04.01.  The complete results can be found here.

Upcoming Events:

On Wednesday there will be heats and semi-finals held in the following events: Women's K1, 500 meter; Men's K2, 1000 meter; Men's K2, 200 meter, and Men's C1, 200 meter.  The medal rounds in these events will be held on Thursday, August 18.

Stefan Henze Suffers Serious Injuries In Rio

2004 Olympic Slalom Silver (C2) Medalist and former World Champion Stefan Henze was seriously injured in a head-on automotive collision while travelling by taxi back to the Olympic Village outside of Rio.

The German Canoeist was in Rio as Coach of the Women's slalom,  Also injured in the accident was sport scientist for the team, Cristian Katini.

Henze is currently at Miguel Couto hospital where he is listed in critical condition.