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As many of you may know, Louisiana has been hit hard by terrible flooding, particularly Baton Rouge.  This disaster began on August 11, when an essentially stationary storm hung over parts of Louisiana dumping rainfall at a rate of 2 to 3 inches an hour, and totally as much as 2 feet in some places before it was over.  This storm brought three times as much rainfall to Louisiana as Hurricane Katrina did which is about 7.1 trillion gallons of water, or enough to fill Lake Pontchartrain four times over.  The resulting damage has been catastrophic.

Before the Flood

After the Flood

Tremendous Flooding

This week, the Race Directors of The Big River Paddle Race regrettably called off the race scheduled for September 3, but are asking paddlers to help with cleanup and relief efforts.  Below is their letter:

It is with heavy hearts and much regret that we have decided to forgo the race for the Big River Paddle Championship for 2016. This is due to the enormous flooding disaster that has rocked south Louisiana. We will now be turning our attention to recovery with the help of paddlers like you!
We know many will be disappointed and upset, but please know we did not come to this conclusion with out every option being vetted and debated. In order to host a race of this caliber there are currently too many obstacles in front of everyone that is involved in the race. In the last 6 days alone the Big River Crew has gutted at least 20 homes of friends and family and have 100s to go.
Everyone in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas has someone in their life that has been affected by this tragedy. We cannot in good conscious, host BIG River and throw a party while so many are wondering where they are going to live or how they will be able to afford to restart their whole lives.

What can you do?

- Come in as planned for BIG River and help at BIG RIVER Recovery!
- Donate Entry to Flood Victims!
- Rain Check Entry to 2017
- Send $ to all proceeds benefit Flood Victims
- Bid on items donated to BIG River to directly benefit flood victims!
We will be sending you further communication so you can decide on how you want to help and deal with your entry fee.  
Please stand by for further emails.

BIG River Recovery:

We are asking all that were planning to come to BIG River to please join us for a weekend of service, healing, hard work and helping us recover. We are working on options such as cleanup, construction, supplies & goods distribution, and shelter service.
Thank you for your understanding in these most trying times!
For more information also checkout the BIG RIVER FACEBOOK

Tentative date for BIG River 2017: 8/26/2017


Troy, Walker & Bryan

The BIG River Crew

Staggering Statistics:

- 25 to 32 inches of rain in 2 days
- 110,000+ Homes Flooded
- $20.7 Billion in homes lost
- Only 13% had Flood Insurance
- 1000 Year Flood
- 17 Trillion Gallons of Water (water to supply New Orleans for 320 years!)