Sprint canoe/kayak medal event results from Tuesday, August 13

Women's K1, 200 meter:

The medal rounds ran Tuesday morning in the Women's K1, 200 meter race.  Lisa Carrington from New Zealand took the gold for the second Olympics in a row with a time of 39.86 seconds.  The silver was won by Marta Walczykiewicz from Poland with a time of 40.27 seconds.  Bronze went home with Inna Osypenko-Radomska from Azerbaijan with a time of 40.40 seconds.  The full results can be found here.

Women's K2, 500 meter:

Also on Tuesday, the finals in the Women's K2, 500 meter happened.  Hungary took home the gold medal with its team of Danuta Kozák and Gabriella Szabó and a time of 1:43.68.  The silver went to Germany and its team of Tina Dietz and Franziska Weber, with a time of 1:43.73.  The Polish team of Beata Mikołajczyk and Karolina Naja paddled their way to bronze with a time of 1:45.20.  The full results can be found here.

Men's K1, 1000 meter:

The Men’s K1, 1000 meter concluded with Marcus Waiz from Spain winning the gold with a time of 3:31.44.  Josef Dostál from the Czech Republic took home the silver with a time of 3:32.14.  The bronze went to Roman Anoshki from Russia with a time of 3:33.36. Complete results can be found here.

Men's C1, 1000 meters:

The final medal event for Tuesday was the Men’s C1, 1000m race.  The gold medal was won by Tomasz Kaczor of Poland with a time of 3:59.35.  Silver went to Adrien Bart of France who completed the race in 4:00.91.  Vincent Frakas of Slovakia went home with the bronze and a time of 4:04.01.  The complete results can be found here.

Upcoming Events:

On Wednesday there will be heats and semi-finals held in the following events: Women's K1, 500 meter; Men's K2, 1000 meter; Men's K2, 200 meter, and Men's C1, 200 meter.  The medal rounds in these events will be held on Thursday, August 18.