Events Calendar on Surfski News is UP AND RUNNING

Surfski News has made an effort to load a variety of surfski events around the world onto our events calendar.  You can see "Upcoming Events" in the center of the home page.  

It can be searched by country and/or date (spell out the month).  A list of abbreviations used for the countries appears above the search box.

The idea of this calendar is multi-fold.  1) it will be a place to locate events and registration links.  2) It will be a quick and dirty way to see results (SN intends to add the link to the results as soon as one is available.  3) It will be a place to link race reports that we receive so that one can get a feel for the flavor of the event when planning next years excursions.

We hope that if you have events you would like to see on the calendar that you will send us the info at and that if you would like to share race reports you will also send them to us.

An example of what we hope we can build going forward is found here: