Twogood Chalup-ski surfski classic $300

Twogood surfski, Chalup-ski model, vintage, classic, personally signed by Oscar Chalupski. Very fast at ~18" wide and ~19' long and ~39 lbs. Watertight, extremely durable, double fiberglass layup, works great. Fixed footwell fits someone about 5'7" to 6' 1". I am 6' with 31" inseam and it fits me about right. I have quite a few surfski's, including an Epic V10Sport and I think this Hawaiian made Bob Twogood classic is the fastest boat I have. This was my first surfski, which was tough to learn in since it is so fast (i.e. tippy), but I did learn in it from scratch. My first race was 42 miles on the Mississippi river ~7 yrs ago (~2yrs after buying it), so you can cover some ground in it. I hate to give this up as it can be considered a collector's item, but I am simply out of room. Very durable, simple, seaworthy, fast, and cheap (new surfski's go for $2500-$5000). Local pick up only. No paddle, just boat.  The boat is located in Birmingham, AL.  Contact Mike at