2006 Huki S1-X Special $750.00

Don't let the vintage of this boat turn you off. This is an achingly beautiful vac'd Carbon boat hand built in CA. 

It is a downwind MONSTER!! With a good bit of rocker allot of volume and a high hatchet bow.

21' X 17" with a fixed double footwell. I am 5' 11" and the well is just a tad short for me (I still downwinded and raced it successfully for years) it was also a little high volume for my 155lb mass.

The ideal driver would be 5'6-5'10 and 170+ lbs.

It is a hot looking boat in good condition. 

Email: peter@valkyriedownwind.com

The boat is located in Virginia Beach VA. We will deliver for government mileage rate.