Epic V10Sport $2400

Epic V10Sport surfski, Ultra layup, gen2 (current model). Great shape, no damage, watertight, typical superficial paddle and strap scuff marks, surf rudder. Made in '15, 27.5 lbs, $2,400 ($3,995 new). Birmingham, AL pickup. 205-915-3110

From Epickayaks website:
The V10 Sport offers terrific flat water speed and exceptional rough water performance, similar to the V10, but with more stability. It is the best all-around surf ski for intermediate to advanced paddlers in a variety of conditions! Intermediate level paddlers will quickly appreciate the higher speeds on flat water, while advanced paddlers will enjoy the enhanced balance, speed and handling characteristics in larger conditions.

The V10 Sport fits a wide variety of sizes, accommodating paddlers from 5’0” to 6’7”. The footbrace is fully adjustable with self-adjusting pedals. The V10 Sport now comes with Epic’s revolutionary bailer system. The bailer can be completely closed for flat or cold water conditions and has four adjustable positions depending on the conditions. It can be easily operated with your foot so you never miss a stroke.

Lendal Storm 2-Piece Paddle $300

210 cm length
680 grams (super light)
Full carbon

Located in Hood River, OR. Contact Earth Surfer at surf_the_earth@yahoo.com.

This paddle was only used in fresh water a handful of times and is in absolute perfect condition with no wear or scratches. It comes with a nice padded paddle bag. 

This is is a high performance all carbon paddle that would be the perfect paddle for the beginner to the expert. It’s super light for all day use (640 grams) and can be used in all conditions - lake, river or ocean paddling. Its really predictable through the entire paddle stroke. This paddle a must have for anyone serious about performance in all manners of conditions.

You can read the reviews here:


This ski is unique and the only one like it in the world.
I had it signed by Hank McGregor in 2016 in South Africa. In fact, it was hanging in his garage,
I bought it from Lee Furby and imported it to the USA in 2016, just in time for Chatterjack.
This is a fast ski, garage kept
Padded foot board- No Damage, with exception for a few small chips.

Located in Sarasota, Fl. Contact Shane at shanekleynhans911@gmail.com.