Featured Race: North Shore Cup

Jesse Lischuk

Jesse Lischuk

The North Shore Cup race is set to take place on October 15, 2016.  This race continues to make a name for itself as the place to be in the southeast in mid-October as it attracts some of the best U.S. paddlers, as well as some from around the world.  With 12 and 6 miles races, surfski, FSK, and SUP categories, there is something for everyone!

This year, surfski legend Lee McGregor will be racing, debuting his new ski The McGregor Classic at The North Shore Cup! Along with Lee, top paddlers Jesse Lishchuk and Reid Hyle will also be participating.

Lee McGregor

Reid Hyle

In the 12 mile race there will be prize money for the top three finishers, as well as a 3 mile Think hotspot.  The competitions promises to be fierce!

The women will again have their own start and competition for the Nelo hotspot is wide open.

Also, remember that in conjunction with Lee's participation, Venture Sport will be sponsoring a 50+ category in the 12 mile race and a top 3 overall will be awarded hardware on the day!

In the 12 mile race, FSK class, there will be cash prize sponsored by Surfski Syndicate awarded for the overall winner in men’s and women’s categories.

Ocean Paddle Company will once again be sponsoring the 6 mile race, with hardware and prizes on offer for the top 3 men and women overall.

Hardware will also be on offer for the overall winners in the OC class.

Additionally, Anchored Soul is sponsoring and promoting the SUP category this year, so hoping to begin to increase SUP numbers and develop a synergy with the SUP community.

This race is held in conjunction with several other events to make for a full weekend.  First this race weekend will be a great chance to demo several new skis on the market and compare them back to back: the new McGregor Classic, Nelo 560 ski, Nelo 560M, Nelo 520, Think Uno Max 3G, along with a few Nelo K1s (Classic, Viper 51), plus the entire Think surfski lineup, and of course Jantex Paddles and Mocke gear! We will have demos available at the start/finish area Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Additionally, the Santee Surf and Turf Biathlon that will take place later in the afternoon.

Catering for all events on Saturday by our good friends Chris and Lisa Williams at Lone Star BBQ.

Be sure and show up Friday, as we'll have low key cookout and get together at the North Shore Condos that evening, as well as boats available to demo during the day.

So go to the North Shore Cup website or PaddleGuru and register today! You don't want to miss this weekend of paddling! We'll see you on and off