Bay Union King of the Bay ---Barry Lewin

The last 10 days have been a world-wind, I am on such a high from an awesome engagement on Monday, Birthday on Tuesday and spending some great quality time with the great people in our lives, over a special time for me.

Even in the craziness, preparations for the longer race at the King of the Bay went great. The adjustments to nutrition are working for the longer training and events and even though I was probably a little tired, I felt great leading into the race.

I again paddled with Clint Cook and we settled into a great bunch through the first flat section of the race, heading through the Durban port. It is a special experience to paddle out the mouth of the harbour and taking note of the awesome scenery was a must.

The conditions on the day couldn’t have been better. The SW had blown all of Saturday making the route into the NE wind, down to the turn maker a lot easier with a little bit of left over swell. We quickly got a gap on the other doubles once in the ocean and used the swell as best we could to keep the speed up, even into the wind.

At the turn we kicked hard for home holding some really nice speeds. I have to say that this was one of the easier King of the Bay races I have ever done, must be my very strong partner and happy heart. We took the win for the second week running and looking forward to race 4 of the series where we will have some more competition in a doubles specific race.

Jeep Team SA, team mate Hank McGregor won the single in style from Matthew Bouman and Nicole Russell edged out Hayley Nixon in a tight race for the ladies.

It was awesome to see such an awesome turn out for the event with new sponsors Bay Union and Zurich doing a great job of looking after the paddlers.

Next up is the Lion of Africa Surf Challenge this weekend.