Bay Union Surfski Series – Race 1 – 1st Double---Barry Lewin

The winter has snuck up on us already!!! Where has summer gone?

Well, thank goodness Durban is the best place in the world to paddle in winter, with warm water and perfect conditions. The winter surfski races are always a yearly highlight of the year. I couldn’t wait to get onto the line to racing again.

The prep hasn’t been great with some illness recently. The lack of boat time just got me more excited about the events, after missing out on my daily salt water fix quite a big lately. It’s amazing to note how much I miss it when not able to paddle.

For the 2016 winter I have decided to jump into a double with friend Clint Cook. Surfski paddling to me is meant to be fun and I love racing in a double. The last season I did in a double was with Brett Bartho some 10 years ago and the fresh feel of a new crew has me enjoying my paddling.

The first race of the season had a “FUN” theme and it was great to see people dress up in fancy dress, paddle with family members and most of all enjoy the very unique new course on offer. The community around the paddling is awesome and love interacting with so many people at the races.

Clint and myself had a great start, breaking away right off the bat. We got into a great rhythm straight away and slowly opened the gap on the field throughout the 12km race. Our average was really good doing 52min all on our own. This is a good sign for later in the season when we have more competition.

A big thanks to the mates who lent us a boat for the race. After splitting with my boat supplier earlier in the year, equipment had been an interesting challenge and I am very grateful for the people who have helped out so far!

The next race on the calendar is the Bay Union King Of the Bay, one of my favorites for the year. Lets hope the body holds out for a full 22km so early in the season.