Rice Snatches Win From Friedenstein-- 15th Race in the SeaDog Series

Decided at the Run Up

The 15th race of the SeaDog Series in Fish Hoek took place on February 17.  In pristine conditions, the race was a classic!  Kyle Friedenstein and Kenny Rice went head to head for the whole race.  Friedenstein took the last buoy first, but Rice took a more direct line to the beach and took the win right at the death.  The results for the men were:  Kenny Rice 1st, Kyle Friedenstein 2nd, and Mark Keeling 3rd.

Rounding the last buoy -- Friedenstein, followed by Rice and Keeling


The women’s race was a more leisurely affair with Nikki Mocke taking a comfortable win.  Emma Broberg came in 2nd and Angie Austin rounded out the top three.

Nikki Mocke

Full results:

The 16th race of the Series runs this Friday, February 24.

Sam Mocke starting young with a world class coach by his side

Angie Austin

All Photographs courtesy of Cape Town Sports Photography.