Ed Mckeever Calls It A Career

Celebrated British Sprint Canoeist Ed Mckeever announced his retirement today from competitive paddling. The 200 meter specialist made the announcement after the recent birth of his son and states:

"Having a son four weeks ago means that I want to spend some time at home and realistically you can't also live the life of a full time athlete which is inherently quite a selfish one and doesn't really fit with the life of a parent".

"I want to spend some time with my family and this has been a strong driver for my retirement."

Mckeever holds the distinction of being the first sprint kayaker to win gold in the debut of the 200 meter event at the Olympics.   

He failed to qualify for the 2016 games in Rio, with teammate Liam Heath continuing where Mckeever left off by bagging gold for British Canoeing and keeping the 200 meter event solely in the hands of the Island nation.

Mckeever's past accomplishments also include gold medals at the World and European Championships.

With Mckeever's announcement as well as the recent departure of longtime coach Alex Nikonorov, British Canoeing finds itself in a transitional state.  Riding on the extremely successful results over the past several years, the future for the program will seek to rededicate and move forward, aiming to continue their winning ways under new coaching.